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E-Seneca Flavors in a 6 pack take away!

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E-Seneca Flavors in a 6 pack take away! For an extended tasting, or for when you only need a few.


At almost 1800 puffs worth, that's a lot of value for the disposable market.


So how do they compare?


Well try Green Smoke, which offers a disposable 6 pack only, at a price of $9.99 an ecig! Or even Njoy, at still $8.99 per e-cig, they're not even close to the Seneca brand Flavor, and now the Seneca brand price, at only $5.99 an e-cig! Plus, Esenecasmokes.com offers a 2 pack trial, so you can test it, sample your flavor and find out which is best for you.


And they also come in a convient carton size, so you can carry 12 in a carton when you need to bring a pack, or just the single disposable. 




How does it work?


It's simple, like pretty much all e-cigs, there is a tiny atomizer within the e-cig, which heats up the flavor vapors, and gives you a non-offensive smoke that you can enjoy almost anywhere. Now the bars, the airports*, the beach, and the car are safe from offensive odors, safe from obnoxious smells, and you're safe from cigarette stains on your teeth and clothes. 




The Seneca E-Cig is disposable, so that means that you can easily throw it away once you have used all the flavor. OR, you can be socially responsible, and recycle your old e-cigs by sending them back to us. And we also offer a recycling program, 1 full carton of e-cigs equals a free 2 pack of your flavor choice. Not only do your get the best price in the industry, you also get the best deal in recycling, at a rate of 6-1 e-cigs returns!




*Any establishments allowing ecigs are up to the individual discretion of the establishments. Please check and e-cig responsibly. 

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    E-Seneca 6 Pack

    E-Seneca 6 Pack

    E-Seneca Flavors in a 6 pack take away!

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